Each seminar will offer an opportunity to discuss a particular theoretical or methodological approach, or how the work of key theorists is drawn on in educational research. The seminars are complemented by a Theory Reading Group. Seminars will be held once a month, lunchtime or late afternoon, and there is no cost for attendance. They are open to all.

Pilot Seminar: Social Realism Symposium: International perspectives on knowledge and the curriculum

Thursday 2nd July, 2015: 15.00 – 18.00
Venue: Cantor 9135, Arundel Street, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Sue Clegg, Leeds Beckett University
The necessity and possibility of powerful ‘regional’ knowledge: curriculum change and renewal

Dr. Richard Pountney, Sheffield Hallam University
Developing the professional curriculum: looking both ways with practice knowledge and theory

Professor Elizabeth Rata and Dr. Graham McPhail, Auckland University
Two curriculum models: ‘progressive knowledge’ and 21st Century Learning

Seminar 1: Launch Event: Critical perspectives on Social Realism

Friday 25th September, 2015: 12.00 – 14.30
Venue: Owen 941, Owen Building, Sheffield Hallam University
Critical perspectives on Social Realism 25-09-15 flier

Dr Lew Zipin, and Professor Marie Brennan, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia;
Can Social Realism do Social Justice? Debating the Warrants for Curriculum Knowledge Selection

Professor Michael Young, UCL, Institute of Education, London
Knowledge, Social Justice and the Future of the Curriculum; a Response to Zipin et al.

Seminar 2: Reclaiming ‘Thinking with Bourdieu’
Wednesday 14th October, 2015: 15.00 – 17.30
Venue: Room 9135, Cantor Building, Sheffield Hallam University
Critical perspectives on Bourdieu 14-10-15 flier

Professor David James, Cardiff University
There’s no such thing as ‘Bourdieu lite’
DJames(2015)How Boudieu bites back

Dr. Andrew Morrison, Sheffield Hallam University
A three-part theoretical framework to explain undergraduates’ perceptions of barriers to employment in primary teaching in the UK

Discussant: Dr.Tamsin Bowers

Seminar 3: Critical perspectives on using narrative in research

Monday 23rd November, 2015: 15.00 – 17.30
Venue: Room 941, Owen Building, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Pat Sikes, Sheffield University
Challenging master narratives: stories which have to be told

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Sheffield Hallam University
The weight of stories: on the problematic nature of using narrative in research

Discussant: Dr. Ruth Barley

Seminar 4Critical perspectives on feminist narrative research

Wednesday 20th April, 2016: 13.00 – 15.30
Venue: Room 7138, Stoddart Building, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr. Jo Woodiwiss, Huddersfield University
Critical perspectives on feminist narrative research: opportunities and challenges

Dr. Cinnamon Bennett, Sheffield Hallam University and Dr. Lisa Buckner, University of Leeds
Critical perspectives on mixed methods and feminist questions

Discussant: Dr. Laura Kilby, Sheffield Hallam University

Seminar 5: Critical perpspectives on sociomaterial approaches

Tuesday 17th May, 2016: 14.30 – 17.00
Venue: Room 941, Owen Building, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Tara Fenwick, University of Stirling
What can ‘sociomateriality’ offer to education?

 Professor Cathy Burnett, Sheffield Hallam University
Points of view:  a sociomaterial perspective on literacies

Discussant: Dr. Mark Boylan

Future seminar topics (details tbc):

(to be arranged)
Critical Perspectives on ‘the Social’ in Vygotsky’s Psychology
Venue: tbc
Professor Harry Daniels, Oxford University
Dr. Peter Jones, Sheffield Hallam University

Critical Perspectives on Race Theory,
Professor Kevin Hylton, Leeds Beckett University
Dr. Sean Demack, Sheffield Hallam University

Suggestions for future events can be made to series organiser Dr. Richard Pountney


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